The purpose of this site is to provide information about a one on one, positive self help network for those diagnosed with cancer. Our network consists of volunteers who themselves have been diagnosed with cancer and are surviving.

These volunteers are not doctors nor trained therapists, but local individuals who offer non-medical information, reassurance, and emotional support with complete confidentiality to others dealing with a recent diagnosis.

A cancer diagnosis is often accompanied by feelings of fear confusion, isolation, as well as many, many questions.

What makes Cancer Connections different from many cancer support groups is the broad focus and emphasis on one to one interaction. There are support groups for specific types of cancer in the county. However, this is the first group that helps people of all ages and all types of cancer, according to Elaine Gardiner, the founder and coordinator of Cancer Connections.

If you are newly diagnosed and want to talk to some one about your cancer please call Cancer Connections at (805)235-2997 to be matched with a volunteer who has a similar type of cancer and is surviving. The phone line hours are 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the year. Our phone is being provided free of charge by Cellular One of SLO.

Cancer Connections is also seeking cancer survivors to be volunteers. There are no meetings nor fundraisers involved. You just need to be a good listener, have a caring positive attitude and a desire to help others. For more information call Elaine Gardiner at (805) 235-2997.
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